HealthPoint™ – Home Acupressure


The HealthPoint™ kit comes with a handheld electroacupressure device, carry pouch, attachments and a manual outlining over 160 health conditions. HealthPoint™ allows you to harness the power of acupuncture and quickly become an expert at precisely locating acupuncture points.

The HealthPoint™ home acupressure device provides a convenient and effective way to experience the benefits of acupressure in the comfort of your home. With user-friendly features and customisable options, this device allows individuals to target specific acupuncture points for targeted relief, without the use of needles.

First-time users can purchase the full HealthPoint™ Kit with accessories and a manual. If you have already experienced the benefits of the HealthPoint™ and wish to replace your current device, then you can go for the Replacement Option. We also sell the accessories separately if required.

Animals can also benefit from HealthPoint™ home acupressure, and we have a system developed for Equine use. Opt for the EquiHealth™ Kit if you wish to use it with your horses.

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Weight 1.631 kg

HEALTHPOINT® KIT, Auricular Ear Clips, Cottonbud Probe, Gold Probe, Replacement Device, Mastering Acupuncture Book, Mastering Acupuncture Ebook


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