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Nano Soma - Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

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  • Nano Soma Policosanol 

    Plant-based nanoemulsion to strengthen immunity and repair skin

  • Natural Food Supplement

    Nano Soma is a special formulation of water-soluble policosanol from sugar cane, with water and vitamin E..

  • A Patented Formula Using Nanotechnology

    Nanoparticles are more stable and able to precisely target tissues and cells where needed.

  • Enhances Health and Longevity

    Nanosoma helps improve the immune system and many biomarkers for chronic health conditions.

  • Supports a Wide Range of Health Conditions

    Its benefits include supporting immune and cardiovascular health, wound healing, skin health, inflammation and pain and energy levels. 

This pack contains

Plant-based nanoemulsion to strengthen immunity and repair skin. Download the product leaflet here to view studies, research and the full list of benefits: Nano Soma Product Leaflet pdf

Nano soma is a special formulation of Water Soluble Policosanol, which contains policosanol nanoparticles. It is a natural food supplement with remarkable health benefits.

Nano soma comes from a powerful plant wax extracted from sugar cane, patented as Metadichol. This plant-based emulsion of nano policosanol is in a form that the body can recognise and utilise efficiently. Nanoparticles are more stable, provide a higher delivery precision to targeted tissues and cells, and are more effective at improving immune health.

Nano soma is a patented formula that represents an innovative breakthrough that addresses immune dysfunction at a cellular level. Formulated using nanotechnology as both a dietary supplement and topical solution, this incredible discovery has been found to support many of the physiological functions essential for optimal skin and immune health. 

NANO SOMA Immune Spray benefits:

- Rejuvenates the skin

- Improves energy level

- Enhances wound healing

- Assists cardiovascular health

- Modulates the Immune System

- Reduces inflammation and pain

- Improves longevity and reverses ageing

- Serves as a natural Vitamin D substitute

- Repairs damaged blood vessels & scar tissues


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