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HealthPoint Mastering Acupuncture ebook (Spanish Version) - Dominar Acupunctura


This Comprehensive Guide by Robert Redfern allows you to use SAFE, NO NEEDLE Electro-Acupuncture, and MicroCurrent Stimulation at home on your own without paying for costly visits to the acupuncturist's office. By putting the healing power of the trained masters in your own hands this guide, with the addition of our HealthPoint Device, allows you to heal your own conditions at home as well as the conditions of friends and loved ones for a fraction of the price.It is Simply the Safer Way!

  • The Quick Start Guide to Help You Launch
  • Fully Illustrated Guide for Easy Use
  • Directions on How to Locate Acupuncture Points Accurately
  • Directions on How to Stimulate Those Points Effectively
  • Descriptions of the 160 Conditions Treatable with Acupuncture
  • Now Available in an Easily Downloadable PDF Format
After years of providing you with print sources to better understand the pathways to good health, Good Health Naturally is now pleased to offer you all our books as easy to download eBooks. Each eBook is available at 1/2 of the print value. That's a 50% monetary savings to you and a 100% environmental saving to the planet as we do our part to save trees. Enjoy your downloadable eBook today and we'll allow you to download it 2 more times for a total of 3 downloads off one purchase. With 3 downloads you are able to have your eBook on your home computer, at the office, and on your personal notebook. You can even share a copy with your friend. What you do with your 3 downloads is your choice. We at Good Health Naturally encourage innovation in our lives as well as yours. Offering new eBooks is just one way we do our part. Enjoy your new eBook today and look forward to GOOD HEALTH!

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