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From Our Family to Yours

 Anne Redfern, Wife to Robert Redfern founder of Good Health Naturally
The Redfern family have specialised for over 25 years in formulating advanced nutritional supplements and skincare solutions, using highly bioavailable, well-researched ingredients to enhance and support holistic health – mind, body and general well-being.

Good Health Naturally was founded by husband-and-wife Robert and Anne Redfern, dedicated to supporting its community with informed content, scientifically-backed research and nutritional supplements on the premise of ‘helping people to help themselves’, as Robert advocated in his many health books and lifestyle plans. For nearly three decades, Good Health Naturally has helped hundreds of thousands of people with practical support and guidance.

Good Health Naturally has grown into a global brand with a range of over 100 nutritional supplements, and at the core, it is always inspired by nature but enhanced by science.

How It All Began

As an accomplished Health Researcher, Author and Broadcaster, Robert dedicated his life to studying natural health and nutrition after the untimely passing of his parents in their sixties. Along with his wife Anne, he embraced a new health philosophy – researching the wider health community and the root cause of diseases. They found that diet and lifestyle were the most critical factors contributing to health and wellness.

Together, over 30 years ago, they developed the advanced HealthPoint™ Kit, an electro-acupressure device to relieve painful conditions, demonstrating its benefits at health shows worldwide. Thousands of people have since discovered how to take their health into their own hands and how easy and safe it is to accurately locate the acupressure points on the body, experiencing pain relief in the comfort of their homes.

The Future of Good Health Naturally

Anne, along with all 3 of her children and the team at Good Health Naturally, many of whom have been with the company for 15-20 years, are dedicated to continuing Robert’s legacy. Together, they aim to guide people towards feeling their best by sharing Robert’s message and helping thousands of people to improve their health – naturally.

The company continues to formulate new additions to the product range and even improve on some of the most popular supplements to move with new advances!

Our Environment and Our Planet

The first of the 2,000 trees

The first of the 2,000 trees
being planted by the
Redfern Family

Having brought the family up on a small holding in Wales, growing their own vegetables, keeping ducks and goats and recycling all waste, looking after and appreciating the environment was second nature from the beginning.

In 2020 was the next step in the Redfern’s commitment to the environment, minimising plastic and introducing glass pots to the range. This was followed by easy-to-use, recyclable refill pouches which have become a customer favourite. The family endeavour to continue the sustainability commitment in the years to come, with new innovations in the packaging industry bringing new opportunities to improve.

Our big project for 2024 is planting 2,000 trees locally, a mission started by Robert, who believed passionately in taking care not only of each other but also of our planet for future generations. More news of this to come!

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